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Post by nascarfan on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:46 pm

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why everyone on this board is so obsessed with Linux. I mean, when you buy a new computer, it comes with Windows (or OS X if you swing that way). Why brag about using something that’s free when you’ve already paid for something that’s better? That’s like going out to a bar, ordering a pint, running to the men’s room, pouring the draft down the drain, and filling your glass with toilet water. Then you can’t even enjoy your own toilet water, you have to come back out to the bar and yell at your friends “WHY ARE YOU DRINKING THAT NON-FREE BEER WHEN YOU COULD HAVE FREE TOILET WATER?” or “YOU KNOW THAT BEER GIVES YOU CANCER IF YOU DRINK ENOUGH OF IT RIGHT? WATER IS THE HEALTHIEST DRINK YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR BODY”. Then you have to go looking under the barstools for gum because the toilet water can’t be drunk on its own, you need to add your own flavoring. And then you all have internet fights about who found the best gum under the stools, “My Mint flavored toilet water is best” “No, I found a new flavor stuck to this guy’s Fedora, it’s the greatest toilet water flavor ever”.

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