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Post by nascarfan on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:47 pm

µTorrent is shit due to the simple fact that the masses fall for it. For god sakes, how retarded does this sound to you: using proprietary closed software to pirate for free software? I'm not an expert in reverse engineering, but in early 2012 I reverse engineered core aspects of the µTorrent software package.

My discoveries were hugely distorted by executable packers and low-level source code protectors, but after some initial decrypting (which again was very hard to achieve due to heavy anti-debugging mechanisms set in place by the developers), I was assured that the software has _at least_ two backdoors which listen to simultaneous packet transfers from very specific byte streams which originate from servers. At least one of those servers is located in the United States of America and believe me, this is not the same server which manifest the µTorrent update tracker. Because those pieces of the program are heavily protected with industrial tools and programming techniques and created 'on the fly' and dynamically added to the runtime environment using techniques as TLS callbacks, it perfectly manages to stay under the radar of firewalls (in most cases the µTorrent application has been granted full authorization on all ports anyway) and anti virus installations.

From the very specific protection and professional dynamic software creation during runtime it's obvious to tell that this is not developed by a graduate computer science engineer. No, I wouldn't be surprised at all if one day the public would find out that specialized cyber divisions of secret national security agencies have been messing with µTorrent since the introduction of this popular torrent client.

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