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Post by nascarfan on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:48 pm

PC gaming is DEAD! Really guys it has died and now no one plays games on the PC any more! I am serious it is dead, and to prove that all I need to ask is: Did you or any of your friends ever play a game on the PC recently? If you say no then that proves that PC gaming is dead. If you say yes then you are a damn liar because PC gaming is DEAD, and you are lying because you have no proof or evidence, and THAT PROVES PC GAMING IS DEAD!

Really, if you take a look at the recent games for the PC then you will see that many of them sell less than 1m copies (pathetic!) and that PROVES that PC gaming is DEAD! And some PC games are so casual that they get more than 1m sales (lol casuals), and that further proves that PC gaming is DEAD!

So stop using PC for games, only consoles are meant to play games that is why they are called PCs. If they were meant for games they would be called PGs: Personal Gamestations. That also proves that PC gaming is DEAD!

Only consoles have good games anyway, all the PC games are horrible, and this is why PC gaming is dead. Besides, who would play games on a PC? PCs are meant for browsing the web and editing documents and that is why they come with a mouse and keyboard.

PC gaming is dead, so stop playing games on a PC. It is not fun to play games on a PC, because it is a dead platform. If you or anyone else think that PC gaming is fun then you are deluded, because it isn't.

So stop playing games on the PC because that is stupid and PC gaming is DEAD!

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