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Post by nascarfan on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:50 pm

Dr Dre Beats are the way to go. The ultra static dynamic magnetism within the upper echelon of the headphone has a tendency to help sharpen and brighten the lower range of the midrange, allowing both the warm sound of dynamic headphones and more precise tones of electrostatics to come in shape.

The treble is where the clarity and calamity shines, you can literally touch the body of the treble while listening, thanks to thermodynamic activated noise cancelling outside noise won't affect the treble quality which is an issue in most headphones. We're not just talking about your screaming mother, but outside frequencies you cannot hear still decrease the sound quality. Thanks to the thermodynamics the treble truly shines.

Finally the mids, the perfectly crafted V shaped sound signature making the headphone more fun, without reducing neutrality like the Denon's or Ultrasones. Dr Dre knows your brain has trouble registering abundant mid frequencies that are too forward and solidified, thus the mids remain where they should be. Slightly recessed with a many musical tones entwined with the sparkly high yet not buried by the mind crushing bass.

Dr Dre knows bass better than anyone and boy has he shown it. The Beats have a bass with the lush sonics only apparent in subwoofers while keeping the analytical veil of the higher end AKG line, it's not a question of either or with Beats. You get the perfect cold sound of the AKG's with the planarmagnetically enhanced sub frequencies you normally can't find in headphones. The bass dances around while the sonics caress the mids bringing both forward, yet without recessing the beautifully scent filled treble. The bass doesn't only vibrate your body, it vibrates your subconscious and soul. Only thanks to the psychologically altered rotational velocidensities engineered into the sub frequencies.

The Beats are a complete package and you would be stupid to get anything else.

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